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In 2015, Deathworkz brings CHAOS to the Central Valley!!

CHAOS Deathworkz BRAND NEW Theme for 2015  

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Join The Infamous Crate of Crazies!

Come haunt with us!!! Have you ever wanted to be a part of the infamous Crate of Crazies??!! Here's your chance! !!

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Follow Us On Instagram!

Attention Deathworkz Friends, Haunt lovers and all things horror/halloween enthusiasts - please join us over on our Instagram account. We're getting closer to Halloween and LOTS of fun stuff will be posted there! Already following us? THANK YOU!  Please share this announcement with your friends!  @Deathworkz ‪#‎crateofcrazies‬ ‪#‎Deathworkz‬ ‪#‎deathworkzaddicted‬ ‪#‎deathworkz_2015‬ ‪#‎hauntedhouse‬ ‪#‎weredyingtomeetyou‬ ‪#‎halloween‬ ‪#‎modestoca‬ ‪#‎modestosbest‬ ‪#‎modestohauntedhouse‬ ‪#‎modesto‬ ‪#‎haunt‬ ‪#‎tracy‬ ‪#‎ceres‬ ‪#‎stockton‬ ‪#‎turlock‬ ‪#‎salida‬ ‪#‎ripon‬ ‪#‎lodi‬ ‪#‎manteca‬ ‪#‎lathrop‬ ‪#‎riverbank‬ ‪#‎oakdale‬ ‪#‎sacramento‬

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Have you ever wanted to be a part of a Deathworkz Photoshoot?!

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a Deathworkz Photoshoot?!   Here's your chance!  There may be some upcoming opportunities to join us for one of our upcoming photo and/or video shoots.What do you need to have to be in a shoot?"Model" Requirements: A fun personality Time available for the shoot Reliable transportation Be able to take direction well Discretion No, you do not have to be a particular age, size, race or any of that.  All are welcomed.  We DO require that if you are under the age of 18 that you have parental permission and that we meet with your parent personally. 

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Deathworkz Visits Scare LA 2013 - Day 2

We had an absolute blast when we visited a brand new Haunters Convention in Los Angeles on August 11th.  ...

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Announcing Deathworkz 2014

Deathworkz 2014 Themes and Dates Announced!    Please share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Insta...

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Deathworkz Information

Hello Halloween Friends! Just a reminder to please view the Rules of Entry page for ALL of the informatio...

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10 Fun Facts About Halloween

10 Fun Facts About Halloween! Because the movie Halloween (1978) was on such a tight budget, they had t...

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Crawl or Die Fever... have you caught it? You Gotta!

New this week on DVD and digital download from Vertical Entertainment! CRAWL OR DIE (2014) aka ALIEN CR...

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Only Two May Enter St. Abbys Asylum At Once

One of the most important rules for this year you must know is the following: ONLY TWO PEOPLE MAY ENTER ...

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Opening Night! Blackout Night - Oct 24, 2014

October 24th - Opening Night - BLACKOUT NIGHT. Take a thrilling adventure through our haunt in complete d...

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Halloween Night - October 31st, 2014

Friday, October 31st, 2014 - HALLOWEEN NIGHT!!Halloween Night is a regular scare but the rules of entry a...

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How to Avoid Ticking Off the Actors in a Haunted House

Haunted houses are a fun part of Halloween. Here are some tips from a haunted house actor about the etiqu...

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10 More Fun Facts About Halloween

10 More Fun Facts About Halloween! 1. Trick-or-treating evolved from the ancient Celtic tradition of put...

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