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Get Lost, This October, on the Backroads! 2017 June Sneak Peek...

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Do YOU Dare? Deathworkz 2017 May Sneak Peek...

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Deathworkz...That moment when the beat drops

Another look behind the curtain at Deathworkz. Just some of the Crazies, having some fun.  Click "Read More"

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2016 Character Bio - The Triplets

Character bio for 2016 -The Triplets.   Vava, Gigi, and Nana were triplets who shared the same body but...

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2016 Character Bio - Hyde

Character bio for 2016 - Hyde. 17 years ago, a little boy named Hyde was born to parents who TRULY love...

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2016 Character Bio - Sister Agramon

Another Deathworkz character bio for 2016!! Sister Agramon. Years ago there used to be a Mortuary downt...

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2016 Character Bio - Leilah

Character Bio 2016 - Leilah. Leilah was obsessed with spiders. She collected every exotic spider on the ...

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2016 Character Bio - Arwen & Storm

Character Bio 2016 - Arwen & Storm. Arwen and storm were step brother and sister. they grew up in a ...

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2016 Character Bio - Loki

Another Deathworkz character bio for 2016!!!! LOKI. There was once a dentist, a single father to a son n...

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2016 Character Bio - Scarecrow

Another Deathworkz character bio for 2016!!   Scarecrow.   If you've lived in the Central Valley for al...

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2016 Character Bio - Melantha

Deathworkz character bios for 2016. Melantha. Melantha (meaning: dark flower) was born June 23rd 1843 int...

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Can I Join? Where are you located? Where do I park? Etc

We seem to get these questions often, even though all that information is posted on our website.  We ask ...

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Only Two May Enter CHAOS At Once

Hey scary friends! Remember, only two people may enter the haunt at a time! LOTS of information in the gr...

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Shout out to Manteca Bulletin!

We love Manteca!! Thank you so much for including Deathworkz in your publication!!!...

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2015 - Thurs - 10/29 - Opening Night - Blackout Night!

Opening Night, Blackout Night!!! LOTS of information in the graphic! There is parking on Budd and Conant ...

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Want to avoid the lines???

If you're a frequent fear freak for Deathworkz, you know our lines get REEEDONKULOUS!  Every year we have...

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Are you ready for TORMENT?

TORMENT now accepting reservations! Brand new for 2015! Only one may enter at a time, for more info, keep...

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Deathworkz visits Scare LA 2015 - Day 1

Deathworkz had a SCREAMING good time at Scare LA - August 8th - Day 1. In the same tradition as last yea...

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