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A few of us from Deathworkz took a trip out to Snellings Ranch of Horrors on Halloween night. We hadn't heard of them until earlier this year and were excited to see what they had to offer. Snellings ROH is a newer haunt as this year was their third year in business, but let me tell you - THAT did NOT show. Don't let that statistic fool you, they scared us on numerous occasions and personally speaking - I don't scare easily. I may have missed some of the things they offered because I was like a kid in a candy store driving up there. It is a HUGE area and its all lit up and has this texas chainsaw creepy just KNOW you're going to get the sh!t scared out of ya. LOL. The attractions we saw were a small maze, a large maze, a mutant shooting quarry and a movie playing...but I believe there may have been more (we got there at closing and graciously they let us go in - Thank you SO much). We first went through the small maze and we thought...ok... lets do the lil one first. Uhm.. the lil one gives you a small sampling of the horrors the big one offers ya! It may have been smaller in size, but was still offering the big scares. After that one we bopped on over to the big maze and had to kind of take a deep breath before entering, you know, to get yourself 'set' LOL. I always tend to walk away with at least ONE experience that was like WOW... this one gave me more than one. Id LOVE to share it, but im a haunter at heart and i'd much rather you go there to experience it. AND respectfully to Snelling, im not going to post the awesomeness they have going on. After we out of that walkthrough, we got to meet and have a great conversation with a few different staff members. As a haunter, its always great to be able to hang out with 'your people', and THESE people were very friendly, very professional and we're happy to say we have some new like-minded friends. Now onto that Mutant Quarry. Look ya'll. I cant shoot to save my life and im sure I provided many of their staff with some comic relief. LOL I think paintball shooting galleries are SUPER fun...I just really suck at it and I was literally begging some of them to just fall so I didn't have to shoot them. I wanted to hug them after i shot them because i don't like shooting people LOL. Their mutant cast was awesome in their interaction with us and was just a REALLY good time. ALL of us that went had an absolute BLAST and I just HOPE next year I can get the time to play hookie from our event to go and see them again. Thank you so much Snellings Ranch of Horrors!! Please click on over to their Facebook page, like the page and "follow" their posts so that you dont miss out on their events.

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