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There are things that happen in history that are so sinister, so twisted, that they would much rather be forgotten than shared.  What you are about to learn is a secret that has been kept for decades...... This is the story of Deathworkz.

William Ralston, founder of the City of Modesto, was the older brother and father figure to his years younger brother Sammael.  The Ralston brothers lost their parents in a horrible accident which left William and Sammael extremely wealthy.  Using the monies left to them, William opened an industrial manufacturing plant which was the very first of its kind & hugely successful.  William married, but never had any children, as his wife Celina was barren. Celina was a sweet and tender woman who happily took on the role of mother to Sammael.   Sammael loved Celina and idolized his older brother William.  As a child Sammael often followed William around in his business office mimicking his every move in hopes to one day be just like his older brother. William, Celina and Sammael were the type of family everyone hoped for. They were always together, always smiling, devoted their time to several charities and very, very successful.

In 1929 Wall Street crashed.  Sammael was 25 that year and understood what that could mean for the family.  William assured both Celina and Sammael that things were under control and not to worry, but as time went by, both Sammael & Celina took note how William gradually became distant and spent all hours of the night working alone in his recently closed manufacturing plant. Sammael noticed  that William was doing business with people he never seen before.  One evening Sammael mistakenly opened an envelope meant for William. The envelope contained detailed information about how William lost a substantial amount of money during the Wall Street crash of 1929.  Knowing William was at the plant, Sammael took the envelope to William and asked his brother what exactly was going on and what he could to do help.  William, taking a sip from his glass of Whiskey, looking extremely emaciated, explained to Sammael that he had to turn to a loan shark to recoup some of the money lost in the Wall Street Crash but because of the economic strain he hadn’t been able to pay them back according to their contractual agreement and they were now making threats on his and Celina’s life.

Celina, not knowing the specifics about the problems William was facing, begged him to take her on a trip to the mountains to get him away from work.  She missed him desperately and William agreed it would be a good idea to get away.  It was reported that the brakes in their car failed as they approached their destination. Both William and Celina perished in a horrific car accident.

That is the day that Sammael became..... something dark.

Upon receiving the news about the death of his only remaining family, Sammael first went to the police, who wouldn’t help him hold those accountable for the murder of William and Celina. Sammael soon found out the police were on the payroll of the man responsible. Sammael, tried to go after the man himself, but he was but one man going against a mob. , It has been said that Sammael, filled with black rage vowed he would “make them all pay for taking away his family”.

Hopeless, broken, distraught, Sammael would disappear into his brother’s closed manufacturing plant and wouldn’t surface for days at a time.  In the evenings you would see a haze of different shades of light emitting from the plant.  You would hear the clanging of metal against metal and the odors it would emit were indescribable.  The people of Modesto worried greatly for Sammael, but at the same time became very frightened of what he had become.

One evening a group of well-doers went to the plant in hopes to bring up Sammaels spirits, but what they found was something none of them could wrap their minds around.  As they entered the plant, there were pieces of torn flesh on the ground.  Blood spatter everywhere.  One of the men in the group grew so terrified at what he saw that he ran out to get several police to come see what they thought was a terrible thing that happened to Sammael.  When the police arrived, they were greeted by Sammael...or...what used to be Sammael.  Before them was a something half human, half machine, but pure evil.  6 large metal tubes with large claws replaced Sammaels arms....his eyes red with rage as he gazed upon the town folk which appeared to be entranced by his gaze. He moved around by what seemed to be a large pile of gears fused together by muscle tissue, ligament and solder.  As his gaze mesmerized the townsfolk, he would pick them up one at a time and violently throw them into this factory type opening where his stomach used to be.  Screams were all you heard...then silence.....then what they presumed as dead, would be returned to life in different shapes and forms on the right side of Sammael through a large fiery opening.  Some were part human & part animal, some were part metal and part human, some were rotting corpses that walked, some were burning bodies of ash that moved with the wind.

“These are my Workz”  Sammael exclaimed.....”My Death Workz and they shall be set free on the day of my brothers death.  They are my promise that Modesto will never forget William & Celina......nor shall they forget me.”

At that moment there was a huge explosion, the room went black and silent.  Those who remained woke the next morning to find the plant empty, but many in the group were missing and were never to be found. No one knows what happened to Sammael.

William and Celina Ralston perished on October 31st.

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