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A Haunting Good Time at Deathworkz !


Where are you located?

Brand new location for 2017 check back for updates.  We are ONLY open on certain dates so if you show up on one of the nights we are not open, you may wind up as a prop in our haunt :)

Can I help?

Sure! Just Join Us! to inquire about volunteering at Deathworkz!

Is it scary?

That really all depends on how easily you get scared. We do our best to make sure there's something for everyone :)

What kinds of reactions have you had in the past?

Let's see.... (hee hee) We've had a few grown men scream like women, many have cried and quite a few have wet their pants. There have been many different reactions, those were the most memorable. We always have return visitors, which is the biggest compliment to us and we often have groups going through more than once or twice. We strive to make each experience through the walkthough a different one to keep it fun and interesting for our visitors :).

Will the creatures touch me?

No, the creatures will not touch you but they will invade your personal space.  They may brush by you but they will not grab you.  We reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone for any reason.

Are you family oriented?

There is no minimum or maximum age limit for haunt visitors. Deathworkz is a family run haunt. Just as the owners trust their family to bring you the best scares possible, we will trust that you know if your children (and adults) will enjoy our scares. To accommodate thee many levels of scares, we have the glowstick option available. More information will be available at the ticket box.

If I get too scared to make it through the haunted house, can I get out?

At any point during your visit to our haunt, you become too afraid to continue, you are welcomed to notify a Deathworkz cast member, who will promptly and safely have you escorted from the haunt by our staff/security.  Please note you will not be able to re-enter the haunt.

What are the hours of operation?

This varies from year to year. Check our HOURS OF OPERATION page often to find out the days and hours we will be available for the current year as it gets closer to Halloween. 

If I'm in line at closing time will I still get in?

Depending on the volume of attendees, we may shut our line down a few hours prior to closing to ensure everyone in line gains entrance.  We suggest that you show up as early as possible. 

The lines are too long! How can I get a better show without standing in line for an hour?

We will be offering Front Of The Line Passes for an additional purchase when tickets go on sale.  

Are your attractions open if it rains?

How long does it take to go through?

Our haunt sizes vary from year to year.  The time it will take to go thru will depend on the attendee. PLEASE BE ADVISED NO MORE THAN TWO PEOPLE WILL BE ADMITTED INTO THE HAUNT AT A TIME. Three groups will filter through the haunt at a time, with a delay in between them.  This is to help people move through the haunt safely and faster, to allow for more people to be able to get in. 

How is your haunt different from the other Halloween places?

We do this because we love to. Everyone in attendance, the crew, the actors, etc.... are all there because it's something we love doing.

Can we take flash photos in your haunt?

In a word, No. No pictures will be taken in our haunt by our visitors/trick or treaters/attendees. All photos taken by cast members of Deathworkz will be uploaded to a special gallery on the Deathworkz website.

Can I hit the actors, take the props, destroy the rooms, or come through the haunt drunk or stoned?

No, no, no, no and no.. Seriously? If this is your question, it would be in your best interest not to attend.  We have Security Personnel on staff at all times to help keep the haunt, haunters and visitors safe.   Security and adherence to the rules will be heavily enforced.  Anyone acting rowdy or causing a commotion in line will also be asked to leave the premises.  This is done for fun and we don't want anyone to ruin it.

Can I bring my cell phone?

Cell phones are permitted in the haunt, we do insist though, that it remain in your pocket or purse during the entire walkthrough. If you are caught taking pics with your cellphone, lighting the way with your cellphone or even being ON your cellphone or have it will be removed from the haunt and not allowed further entrance.

Can I wear a costume?

Costumes that do not cover your face are allowed. Masks, weapons and hat/hoods are not allowed inside the haunt. We do reserve the right to refuse anyone entrance for non-compliance of our rules of entry.   We have a closed circuit security surveillance system.  If we see you pull up a hoodie or put on a mask, the haunt will be stopped and you will be immediately removed from Deathworkz and not allowed further entrance!

What type of attire would you suggest?

Dress for comfort.  Ladies for your safety we advise you do not wear heels. This is for YOUR safety.

My question wasn't answered here, How can I get more information?

We'd like to invite you to use our "Contact Us" page. We will respond to you as quickly as possible, just please be sure to provide us with your contact information.



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  1. Kaci

How old do I have to be to help?

Response: Information about joining the cast can be found here:

  Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Haunt Queen Haunt Queen
  1. G

Are you charging for the entrance to blackout? If so, how much?

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